The CPrint® Advantage

CPrint® Companies Exceed Expectations

The CPrint® Advantage

Cocheco PrintWorks is a proud member of CPrint®

Certified Printers International is an on-going program of education and personal development backed by the full capabilities of Crouser & Associates, the largest printing management consulting firm in the country. Printers from around the country are offered the opportunity to participate but participation in the alliance is limited to companies that meet the necessary eligibility requirements.

Our company must meet minimum standards for continued membership in CPrint®. Each year our shop is visited and graded in nine different areas of management, finances, operations and human relations. Twice a year we meet with print shop owners from around the country for a "Board of Directors" meeting and continuing education. Once a year the production managers meet for training and networking.

What this means to you is a company that is fully capable, financially strong and positioned at the leading edge of print and marketing technology. We bring you new and innovative ideas that you can leverage to your customers. If you're successful, then we're successful!

What does being part of CPrint mean to our customers?

It means that we are continually learning and staying ahead of the ever changing print environment. We have systems in place to insure you get the job you have requested, the way you want it, and when you want it. We are here for the long term to service your printing needs.

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